Hey, thanks for stopping by and seeing what we are all about. As owner of Barefoot Kin, I create original messages and designs for items such as t-shirts. My designs are inspired by and meant to recognize the stories, struggles and strengths of diverse people. Through Barefoot Kin I combine my love of writing with my desire to empower and uplift all people. 

Our motto is "Connected to the maker, to others and to nature."




We all come into the world barefoot- natural and connected to everything. And while we may not choose where we are born or from where we come, each day we have the choice to walk with love and be a positive light to those around us. No matter where you live, what you have or who you are, you have the power to make a positive difference in the world. Being universally and spiritually connected, we have a responsibility to one another as members of one human race. Barefoot Kin is a socially responsible small business that works to support various educational and well-being initiatives. 


to the maker,

to others,

& to nature

T-shirts that Barefoot Kin uses come from manufacturers that are sweatshop free and/or are produced in the U.S.  

Barefoot Kin is a lifestyle,

A mindset.

It doesn't take much.

Are you walking with love?

Connecting people to people, and responsibly connecting people to necessary resources, through

original items that build empathy & empowerment